Secret Pot & Technology Profits Confidential Review: is it Worth the Investment?

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Thanks for checking out my Secret Pot Technology Profits Confidential Review.  There are so many opportunities to improve your portfolio that I wanted to see if this product was worth it.  So let’s check it out now.

What’s Secret Pot & Technology Profits Confidential All About?  I Got it to Show You!

We are currently poised on the brink of an industry revolution. On the 8th November 2016, the vote to legalise pot in 8 states set in motion a chain of events that could make you a multi-millionaire! [2]

This “$50 Pot Blueprint” makes use of a financial phenomenon called penny stocks. These are small, inexpensive stocks available on the public stock exchange. The beauty of penny stocks is that they can be purchased for next to nothing as they are little known and obscure. Choose correctly and you have the change to get in on the ground floor of companies perched for spectacular gains, paying meagre amounts and netting colossal profits. Many multinational blue chip companies started off as meagre penny stocks, for example Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and Budweiser. [3]

The pot industry is on the precipice of a meteoric rise which, YOU, the average citizen can capitalize on. That’s where this publication comes in. For the relatively inconsequential sum of $49, you can subscribe to a plethora of information, some of which tells you which stocks to buy, when to buy them and how much to pay for them, steering you in the right direction for accumulation of vast wealth if you do choose to invest. The catalyst for this projected dramatic escalation of stocks is that these laws, governing the use of recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. [1]

When this happens, the manufacture of cannabinoid based drugs, pot growing accessories and various offshoots from this industry are set to grow exponentially. This effectually will ensure these pot stocks won’t stay cheap for very long. The time to strike is now! [4]

The problem is where to start? There are over 4000 pot-related companies trading on Wall Street. Where do you begin to know where to invest?

Technology Profits Confidential: Will It Help Your Portfolio?

“Technology Profits Confidential” provides the framework to enable even the most green of horns to learn how to trade successfully and make money, with it’s unparalleled research and market analysis. An annual subscription to this fiscally informative investment research advisory comes with many bonus features to ensure you are best poised to build wealth.

They research products exhaustively and profile each stock portfolio based on five criteria for consumer appeal. Suggested stocks are “graded” for:

  1. Innovativeness – Companies need to be truly innovative with visionary leadership
  2. Non-conformity – Companies must dare to be different and break industry norms with respect to the way the company is run
  3. Better Product at Cheaper Price – Conforming to “Moore’s Law” it is conducive to consumer appeal
  4. Strong financial backing – This is essentially a vote of confidence if private investors are willing to invest.
  5. Urgent catalyst – This involves an upcoming event or announcement that will change the view on the company. For example, investing in a small pharmaceutical company prior to FDA approval for a drug. This is what is brewing right now in the pot industry. [1]

The result is that you are provided with top level research and specific stock selections as well as guidance as to how to buy, when to buy and what price to pay, if you are planning to invest. This helps maximise profit potential.

What You Get With Your Order Today

  1. Annual subscription to “Technology Profits Confidential”

This publication provides the reader with continuous, informed and relevant financial information regarding the penny stock market, various penny stock companies, along with purchasing recommendations.

  1. Four Incredible Pot Stocks for a Six Figure Payday

This comprehensive report profiles four emerging penny stock pot companies poised to soar post February 1st. These companies are from various sectors of the pot market and they include, a biotech company on the verge of FDA approval for cannabinoid based painkillers, opiod and relatively side effect free and inexpensive; a packaging, accessory and branding company which is hailed to be one of the fastest growing companies in America; a small biotech company with pending medicinal pot patents; and company specializing in growing accessories for indoor pot production.

This report not only provides the details of these companies, what makes them special and what factors stand them in good stead for growth, but also how much to invest, when to do it and how to go about it.

  1. Invisible Power

This ability to transmit power through the air, pioneered by Nikola Tesla during a time where there wasn’t the technology to support the theory, forms the basis of technologic revolution. This report serves to name the companies at the forefront of developing this technology and how to get in on the ground floor of these penny stock companies.

  1. Two Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution

Virtual Reality is at the vanguard of the immersive entertainment movement. Facilitating imaginary but lifelike experiences provides the framework for the future of entertainment and marketing.

This report serves to name the two most potentially lucrative companies in the virtual reality market, and providing you with the information you need to invest relatively nominal sums and turn over worthwhile profits.

  1. Bonus Weekly Tech Reports

These newsletters serve to keep you informed as to the best investment opportunities in technical markets, as well as delivering stock market analytics and investment research.

My Final Secret Pot Technology Confidential Profits Review

If you want to learn how to become ridiculously wealthy in a relatively short space of time, take the plunge now. You get great value for money, and so confident are the publishers that these publications will benefit you, they have included a 12 month no questions asked, money back guarantee.

This set of publications takes the guesswork and research out of learning to play the stock market. You no longer have to attempt to monitor societal, political and economic occurrences and their proposed effect on stock, setting you up for a very lucrative future.

This also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  All you have to do is sent an email or call them to get your money back.  So this really makes your decision easy.  Click here to grab a copy of Technology Profits Confidential and claim your bonuses today.


All claims made in this review are subject to the opinions of the authors.  There are no guarantees you will make any income and it is suggested that you do your own research on what is best for you.


You can always submit for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.  All you have to do is call 844-858-9328




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